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Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. They expressed joy at becoming vassals of his majesty of Spain, for wars and woes should thence- forth be unknown among them. He had severally broken every commandment of the decalogue, then he had put them together and had broken them in every conceivable combination. It was raining heavily at the time, a shower pre Umi- nary to the season of rain, and the sentinels had retired, so that the surprise was complete.** Unable to arm or unite, the inhabitants fled to the woods to escape the swords of the conquerors.Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. The Spanish com- mander was extremely affable as he presented his visitors with some glass trinkets, of great value in their eye., and db, them witi .v Sy demooatn. But while maidens were so plumpand plenty he had never felt the desire, like good King JDavid, to go after the wife of any Uriah the Hittite. In the fort, however, which commanded the town, a considerable body of warriors had gathered, who offered a de- termined resistance, wounding manv Spaniards and causing great loss to the Indian auxiharies.

We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Gonzalo de Badajoz Visits the South Sea — What He Sees at Nombre de Dios — His Dealings with Totonagua — ^And with Tataracherubi — Arrives at Nat A — ^The Spaniards Gather much Gold — ^They Encoun- ter the Redoubtable Paris — A Desperate Fight — Badajoz Loses his Gold and Returns to Darien — Pedrarias on the War-path — He Strikes Cemi a Blow of Revenge — Acla Founded — The Crovemor Returns HI to Antigua — ^Expedition of Caspar de Espinosa to the South Sea — The Licentiate's Ass — Robbery by Law — Elspinosa's Relation — A Bloody-handed Priest — ^Espinosa at Natd — He Courts the Acquaint- ance of Paris — Who Ki Us the Ambassadors — Hurtado Surveys the Southern Seaboard to Nicoya — Panamd Founded — An Aboriginal Tartarus — Return of Espinosa's Expedition 412 CONTENTS. Upon some pretext, therefore, Sinacam was arrested and put in irons. Above all things on earth, or beyond the earth, Sina- cam regarded her-and for her iestoration he Offered more jewels, and pretty maidens, ay, the daughters of chieftains, by the hundred. Campaign against Itzouintlan — A Bough Mabch — The Town Su^ PBi SBD — Dbspsbatb Dbfenoe — Alvabado Determines to Explore ff Ti Lh farther South — Crossing the Eiyer Michatotat — The Spaniards Come to Atiquipao, Tacutlula, Taxisoo, Nangintlan, AND Pazaco—The Towns Deserted — Poisoned Stakes and Canine Saorifioe — Enter Salvador— Moquizaloo and Acatepeo — ^Battles OF ACAJXTTLA AND Ta OUZGALOO — Bl OOD-THIBSTINESS OF THIS CON- QUEROR — El YTRT INTO CUZCATLAN — FLIGHT OF THE INHABITANTS-^ Eetubk TO Patinamit. * No summons of surrender was sent, which omission was brought forward as a charge against the commander at a later date. If they persisted in keeping aloof and refusing to submit, their lands and cornfields would be devastated, and they and their children made slaves.

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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. - - ' ' ' - - - - • Mb •" - .' '■•■■' V lonization — ^Rival Applications — Alonso de Ojeda Appointed Qovemor of Nueva Andalucla, and Diego de Nicuesa of Castilla del Oro^Hoetile Attitudes of the Rivab at Santo Domingo— Ojeda Embarks for Cartagena — ^Builds the Fortress of San Sebastian — Failure and Death — ^Nicuesa Sails from Veragua — ^Parts Company with his Fleet — His Vessel is Wrecked — Passes Veragua — Confined with his Starving Crew on an Island — Succor — Failure at Veragua — Attempts Settlement at Nombre de Dice — Loss of Ship Sent to Espafiola for Relief — Horrible Sufferings-^Bibliographical Notices of Las Casas, Oviedo, Peter Martyr, Gomara, and Herrera-^ Character of the Early Chroniclers for Veracity 289 CHAPTER Vn. He had been deceived by the Cakchiquel nobles, he said, who, not wishing him to march farther south, made false repiesentatio Ds regarding the dimcolties he would meet with. Chiefs of other tribes who wished to pass through it, in order to tender a Uegiance to the Spaniards, were deterred and insulted, and the conqueror was chal- lenged to enter the land:* Somewhat ruffled by these bold proceedings, the impetuous commander marched ♦against Itzcuintlan with all his available force, Span- ish horse and foot, and a large body of Quiches and ^ The natiye name of the chief town, Panatacat, was known in the time of Vazquez as laquvntepeque, Alvarado calls it Jscuyntepeque, Relacion^ L 162 ; Heirera, Yzmuntepe Cf dec. The lieu- tenant-general had heard exciting accounts of immense cities and wonderful palaces, and discovery was almost as attractive to him as pacification.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means it can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. SEITLEMEirr OT SANTA MARIa DE LA ASTIQXSA DEL DAItl EN. Francisco Pizarro Abandons San Sebastian — ^Meets Enciso at Cartagena— He and his Crew Look like Pirates — They are Taken back to Saa Sebastian — ^Vasco Nuilez de Balboa — Boards Endso's Ship in a Cask — Arrives at San Sebastian — The Spaniards Cross to Darien — The River and the Name-— Cemaco, Cacique of Darien, Defeated — Founding of the Metropolitan City — Presto, Change ! The Garrison at Nombre de Dios — Subtle Diplomacies — Vasco Nufiez Assumes Command — Enciso, his Life and Writings — The Town and the Jail — ^Rights of Sanctuary — ^Valdivia's Voyage — Zamudio's Mission — Expedition to Coiba — Careta Qives Vasco Nufiez his Daughter — Ponca Punished — Jura, the Savage Statesman — Visit of the Sianiards to Comagre — Panciaco Tells Them of a Southern Sea — ^The Story of Valdivia, Who is Shipwrecked and Eaten by Cannibals — Vasco Nufiez Undertakes an Impious Pilgrimage to the Crolden Temple of Dabaiba — Conspiracy Formed by the Natives to Destroy Antigua — Fulvia Divulges the Plot — Darien Quieted — Vasco Nufiez Receives a Royal Commission — Serious Charges — Vasco Nufiez Resolves to Discover the Southern Sea before He is Prevented by Arrest 337 xvui CONTENTS. A Spanish soldier named F^con reported that a slave ffirl described the cotmtry as fair and rich; upon which Alvarado commanded her to be brought forward. He had already informed Cort^ that it was his intention to winter fifty or one hundred leagues beyond Guatemala.

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Copyright infringement liabili^ can be quite severe. The Hombre del Casco Up, the Bachiller Down — Vasco Nufiez, Alcalde — Nature of the Office — Regidor — Colmenaree, in Search of Nicuesa, Arrives at Antigua — He Finds Him in a Pitiable Plight — ^Antigua Makes Overtures to Nicuesa — Then Rejects Him — ^And Finally Drives Him Forth to Die— Sad End of Nicuesa, 321 CHAPTER Vni. This was penuaten Uy refused by the chiefs, until he seized one ; then an Indian girl of noble birth was produced, but not the right one. As an additional incentive he had received positive infor- mation that a march of twenty-five days from Guate- mala would bring him to the end of the land : if that should prove to be the case he was confident of find- ing soon the famous strait, for which so many were searching.* Besides the strait he desired also to find a harbor where he could construct vessels for exploring the coast at a later date.

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