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In a meat-eating, coffee-drinking culture, he was a vegetarian, subsisting largely on pasta, eggs, salad and fruit. A tall, striking, well-dressed blonde, her scarlet mouth and silkily powdered complexion contrasted vividly with the scrubbed faces of the women around her as she sat at her corner table, her huge blue eyes fixed on the Fhrer.It was not long before he asked one of the waitresses who she was, but, to Unity's annoyance, the [1934] Christmas holidays intervened. Ten minutes later, the maitre d' sidled up to Unity's chair and whispered: "The Fhrer would like to speak to you". Describing it in a letter to her father, she wrote "it was the most wonderful and beautiful day of my life"Hitler's favourite piece of music was Wagner's "Die Meistersinger", which was also the favorite of Unity's Grandfather Redesdale.In the sparkling waters off Mar del Plata, Argentina, a submarine's prow breaks the surface.Up comes the U-977, commanded by Captain Heinz Schffer.

She was trembling so much as she stared at Hitler that she was unable to drink her chocolate and had to hand her cup to Derek.

There was nothing significantly sexy about the man.

Except for his obsessive neatness and peculiarly white, well-shaped hands, he was unremarkable to the point of ordinariness--a man of about five feet, nine inches, with a clear skin, fine dark hair and gold-filled teeth.

Unity learned that, when in Munich, Hitler often had "lunch" at the Osteria Bavaria, an artists' cafe full of drawings and watercolours that Hitler, himself a watercolorist, loved. and often later, accompanied his constant companions, photographer Heinrich Hoffman, his secretary Martin Bormann, Reich press chief Otto Dietrich and the Nazi Gauleiter of Munich, Alfred Wagner.

They always made straight for their regular table, in a corner of the room shielded by a low partition. After spending five minutes looking at the menu, he ordered the same thing every day--a dish of meatless ravioli, with either mineral water or herbal tea on the side.

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There was also a courtyard, with one table under a pergola and this was Hitler's favourite seat when the weather was not cold.

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