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More importantly, who does she think will get the final rose? It just kind of took off over the past couple years, with striving for perfection and a mishmash of stuff that happens between that and my affinity and love of men in skinny jeans. At the end of my last epically broken heart, I sat down and wrote eat pray love for the mtv generation. It's a place where dancers could meet and talk about some of the struggles and pressures of life in show business. I came out of the limo and there were no skinny jeans and I thought, this is never going to work. You belted out you don’t get to get me back in the shower and felt very empowered as long as you ignored that actually the heartbreaker in question had, um, never tried to get you back. (And featured in the eventual music video, as a dancer and assistant choreographer? However, when I was 15, I joined in with the rest of bandom in bashing her continuously and gleefully. You know goddamn good and well you turned this baby up as high as it would go and sighed mournfully while resting your forehead against a window. You definitely listened to it while hatefully reading your ex’s facebook statuses and tagged photos with that new girl she was hanging out with, who, by the way, was way uglier than you. But guess who’s dancing so beautifully and enthusiastically to this enthusiastically beautifully melodramatic song?

Another girlfriend announced her engagement and my news was old news.By saying yes, I had made a commitment to loving him.If I was going to get to enjoy all the good parts, then I was going to have to deal with the food in his teeth.She’s so successful now, and like–I’m not big into the culture of beautiful straight white women looking beautiful on the internet and telling you how to live your life, but I’m attached to Keltie, and I think her self-actualization as a force in herself from this sort of flat unnamed muse to a dude’s lyrical genius–that fragile Capricorn, the nurturing endlessly patient Moon to Ryan’s sun–is remarkable. The Keltie Story is that she was a dancer on the Nothing Rhymes With Circus tour and that’s how she and Ryan met–her being a part of bringing to life the stage show he and others envisioned and that functioned both as spectacle and barrier, drawing the viewer in while diverting attention from the musician(s).There’s something clumsy and uncomfortable to be said there about Keltie’s body being a language (she said she can’t believe genius only comes along in storms of fabled foreign tongues)–I’m not interested in saying it.

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