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“However good the force’s intentions, their misguided actions run entirely counter to all current child protection procedures and what we know about sex offenders and could have compromised this investigation.” The head of Northumbria Police said that although the decision to recruit XY would seem “morally repugnant to some”, he would do the same again to gather vital evidence on defendants who were later convicted.

Courts heard girls were groomed by men who gave them cannabis, alcohol and speed-like mephedrone at parties, then encouraged into having sex.

The police and the council brought together a team of social workers, police officers and specialists for the case, which has also seen 25 taxi drivers’ licences suspended or revoked, licensing applications being screened by the police and taxi drivers, door staff and housing inspectors trained to spot exploitation.The chief executive of Newcastle City Council, Pat Ritchie, said: “We do not believe that what we have uncovered in Newcastle is unique.“Sadly, there is evidence of sexual exploitation in just about every other town and city in the country and anyone who says they do not have it are not looking for it.” Chief Constable Steve Ashman, of Northumbria Police, said there was no “political correctness” involved in the investigation of suspects from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Albania and Eastern European.During the legal submissions, the informant claimed he acted as an informal taxi driver for some defendants and made a series of lurid allegations against the police, including claims of racism and that he was asked to plant drugs.Giving evidence from behind a screen, and with the public gallery cleared to protect his identity, XY said he had been a paid informant for six or seven years.

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