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each plus postage) The National Union Catalog, a Cumulative Author List, 1958, 1959 0 (plus .00 postage) (This price covers, in addition, the supplementary annuals of Motion Pictures and Filmstrips and Music and Phonorecords) Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects, 1950-1954. Ann Arbor, Mich.) (Volume 27: Music and Phonorecords and Volume 28: Motion Pictures and Filmstrips are also available separately. STENINDUSTRIABBETAREF6RBUNDET, SVENSKA see Svenska stenindustriarbetare- f Orbundet STENKARAZIN, REBELLION OF, 1667-1671 see Russia History Rebellion of Stenka Razin, 1667-1671 STENO, NICOLAUS, BP.

^ f ^Libraty of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects STELLAR ATMOSPHERES see Stars Atmos- pheres STELLAR PARALLAX see Parallax Stars ST ELL ARIA MEDIA Aldrich, Richard J 1925- Chickweed control in alfalfa. 24 cm, HF5726X27 1959 6CL74 69-9792 1 Library of Congress Catalog Books: Subjects STENOGRAPHERS (Continued) U. [Prepared in the commission's Test Development and Occupational Research Section, by Marcia Boynton and Sara ML Heitman. Pedeial stenographer and typist examination: what it is and how it is given. Stenographer typist, New York State, all grades up to and including senior. S82A4 56-19427 STENOGRAPHERS Arco Publishing Company, .\"ew Tork, Stenographer, grade 3 and 4; the Arco text for job and test training. S7A74 1956 351.3 56-3899 J Arco Publishing Company, New York. (The Arco text for Job and test training) [JK3458] 351.3 57-14736 t Printed for A, B.

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S77J6 1958" 59-23750 J Plovgaard, Karen Johanne, 1887- Niels Stensen; anatom, geolog og biskop.

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