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Whether such pleasure-displeasure parallels actually hold is a significant further issue, touched upon only briefly in the present entry. Candidates include: state, state of affairs, thing, event and property.

Second, is it a first-order entity or a higher-order entity?

In making his case, Darwall examines Moore's doctrine that an irreducibl ...

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The word ‘hedonism’ comes from the ancient Greek for ‘pleasure’.

Why believe even the relatively modest motivational form of psychological hedonism?

One argument infers it from the motivational egoist claim that each of us is always motivated to maximize what we take to be our own good, plus the claim that we each accept that our good is our maximal or sufficient balance of pleasure over displeasure.

Bentham's claim that pain and pleasure determine what we do makes him a psychological hedonist, and more specifically a hedonist about the determination of action.

This section focuses instead on the more modest claim that only pleasure or displeasure motivates us.

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