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I certainly hope that those allegations are true if they're coming directly from Mr. I do question those statements though, simply due to the fact that I see deputies vehicles on the highways behind vehicles in what look like traffic stops almost weekly.

I have also read on their Facebook page that they made some DUI stops a week or two ago, so I'm not sure how that could have taken place if they weren't allowed to make traffic stops.

Was also informed that the Oklahoma patrol has requested the sheriffs office not conduct traffic stops seemed to be confused at times and unprepared but appeared a nice enough guy perhaps he should apply to be a deputy sheriff insteid of just going straight to the top and the current sheriff should work with the state police more I see them eating dinner together often and on Facebook together so why can they not work together.

good luck to both candidates mr Mc Coy I suggest preparing a little better before your return visit to my house my husband was not impressed with your lack on answers to basic questions there are more problems than drugs.

Females in custody cannot legally give consent for sexual intercourse of and kind while locked down in custody under oklahoma law.

It was disgusting utterly awful; and it went on for more than a month under Marcia's command. But, the whistle blowers were threatened by several of Marcia's people and told that "anyone talking about it would be found shot.".

Men with infections were talking girl inmates to back up to the wall and bend over.

Speaks volumes if you're smart enough to pay attention.

I have been lied to , and about, by the current administration, and my character precedes and testifies against the lies being spread.

There are things going on that are blatantly wrong, and no attempt is being made to fix them.

Also, in August 2015 there was a Writ of Habeas Corpus filed for illegal conditions of confinement.

Maricia was aware that there was a hole in the wall between the men's and woman's section.

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