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JOEL SOISSON: It was based on a short film by a French filmmaker named Davy Sihali, about a 20-minute piece that became the spine of the first act of our film.

Our producer, Raimund Huber, had seen it at Cannes or somewhere, and he bought the rights and went looking for somebody to make the film with him.

It’s a return to Net-centric terror for Soisson, who previously directed a pair of better-than-expected sequels to the American remake of PULSE among others, and whose many producing credits include 1986’s TRICK OR TREAT, THE PROPHECY and its follow-ups (two of which he also helmed), DRACULA 2000 and the ensuing franchise, FEAST and PIRANHA 3DD.

FANGORIA: Was CAM2CAM a project you initiated, or were you brought on board after it started development?

If you've never played Candy Crush before (Warning: think long and hard about the quality of your life before you make the choice to start Crushing.

One turn and you will become an addict), the game is basically Bejeweled meets Candy Land meets heroin.

When You Waste a Color Bomb: You finally got enough candies lined up to make a sprinkled cookie (or whatever you want to call it), but you're not going to use it yet.

You frantically scramble to clear the candy bombs as they slowly count down to your demise...3...2...1... Meanwhile, those damn licorice swirls absorb all the power of striped candies and giant candies, making them effectively useless, effectively just wasting all of your time and energy.5.

There’s something about the foreignness of being in a strange place, especially Bangkok, that I thought was necessary.

She brings the object to her hotel room, and opens it, beginning her journey to hell.

When three college students move into an old house off campus, they unwittingly unleash a supernatural entity known as The Bye Bye Man, who comes to prey upon them once they discover his name.

In London, after investigating crack addicted junkies for an article in her newspaper, Amy Klein watches a bizarre videotape where an underground group of youngsters in Bucharest apparently becoming zombies.

Amy finds Marla dead with a puzzle cube in her hands.

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