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I'm praying we don't capsize as we head north on the Hudson River under a chemical-orange sky, barely crawling against three-knot currents. Veg is in the back, breathing hard and struggling to steer.Our guide, Kayak Company owner Eric Stiller, is ahead of us."Most of the generic dating sites aren't set up to let people talk about their sports and list the ones they like most," Prosl told me. All you have to do is pick an anonymous screen name, offer some stats—age, height, and zip code—and, if you want, write a few sentences of self-description. If other members like your profile, they send you an e-mail—a "flirt" as the site calls it.

Veggie says he once worked as a Jackson Hole ski instructor; now he's a freelance film editor. As the martini buzz comes on, I start feeling a faint attraction."There's nothing more romantic than watching the sun go down over the river and the lights come up on the Manhattan skyline," I say, suddenly inspired. Instead of gazing longingly into each other's eyes, Veggie and I are shivering in full wetsuits, life vests, and wool hats.

And maybe finding out whether a guy can catch me flying through the air will be a good test of his worthiness."OK, sounds fun," I tell him."First, could I see a photo that shows a little more of you? I take it he wants to check out the bod, so I send him a picture of me in a bikini on a beach in Costa Rica, holding a fishing rod.

(How suggestive is Next, a mountain biker drops a line and tells me to check out his profile page, which features a close-up of a gaping-mouthed striped bass where his own mug ought to be."Do you really think this will attract a woman?

Today, more than five million singles are shopping in the U. digital meet market;, one of the largest online dating services, claims as many as 15 million members worldwide.

Specialization is everywhere: There's Tall ("Size does count!

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I've trekked through Nepal, gone on safari in Africa, and (in case things got too wild) learned kung fu from a Shaolin monk.

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  1. Although it seems totally natural, once you are on your own, you think… #4 When something happens they are the first person you want to contact, even over your romantic relationship.