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That first guy, for example: We went on two dates, and then he went to Yacht Week in Croatia, never to be heard from again.Not that he was one, but so many big-name daters have been spotted on Raya that it's been dubbed "celebrity Tinder." In fact, Amy Schumer met her ex-boyfriend Ben Hanisch on the app.If you try to take a screenshot of a profile, you're met with an alert warning you that, if the photos wind up online, you'll be booted from the app. (If you're reading this, Raya gods, please don't delete me.) But I've matched with former boy band members, about four European football players, an NBA player, two famous DJs, a guy who owned an island, and half-a-dozen restaurateurs.Users are discouraged from talking about the people they see on the app, in order to keep it a safe and exclusive space. One outspoken comedian-turned-TV-stoner messaged me asking if, for 0,000, I'd let him inseminate me, then have the kid and have no part in their lives. I think.) We made loose plans to meet for Asia Dog and gelato, but it never actually happened, which left me a little pissed. I never got the feeling that people on the app were just looking for a famous fuck. The stunning Underworld star is dating LA-based comedian and actor Matt Rife, who has been featured on MTV's Wild'n Out and is 21 years old.According to ET, 43-year-old Kate was introduced to her new beau by mutual friends; the two were spotted making out outside of an LA club last week and are reportedly "boyfriend and girlfriend." "They quickly started flirting, went on their first date, and it's continued since," a source close to the couple said, adding that "everyone in Kate's circle loves Matt and are so supportive of this relationship." Kate and director Len Wiseman ended their decade-long marriage in 2015, and she shares 18-year-old daughter Lily with ex Michael Sheen.

The man in question was the founder of one of the biggest music festivals in the country, with a six-digit Instagram following and a cute butt. In my experience, the guys on Raya tend to be a little flakier than they are on other apps.

While a source close to the couple insists that Matt is "very mature for his age" and "a great guy," he does have a somewhat questionable sense of humor, as he was exposed on social media last year after a number of offensive older tweets resurfaced online.

Matt posted a slightly pointed (and now-deleted) Instagram on Tuesday of himself standing outside a senior citizen's facility. even if that means putting a kink in their oxygen tank cord.

Learning to love my body the way it is is challenging but life changing.

Giving up my eating disorder has […] Spilling her secrets!

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"She loves the beach when it's cold," Mc Elhenney says.

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