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Whether a book is still in copyright varies from country to country, and we can't offer guidance on whether any specific use of any specific book is allowed. I have to thank the many correspondents who have favoured me with criticisms and suggestions, and to say how greatly I value the help thus given to me in the task of keeping the Guide up to date and making it generally useful. The cost of vintage (vendeja) — treading (pisa) yielding the most (arregio de mosto) — averages 3r. The vineyards are guarded by sheds and turrets, just as in Numbers xxii. * For fuller particulars on Spanish wine, see page xliv. XXXLX The Olive grows everywhere in Spain, but more especially in the region of the south. The architecture of Spain has been comparatively free from that foreign influence and fashion which in other countries have crippled native genius. Angelo's rival In the same nave is the very old chapel of San Nicolds.

Please do not assume that a book's appearance in Google Book Search means il can be used in any manner anywhere in the world. And again I may add that I am at all times willing to give special detailed information to any one intending to visit or sojourn in the Peninsula, if they will address me under cover to the publishers. The most celebrated are in Cordova, the olivares of Calera, Lucena, and Montoro in the province of Jaen ; those of Andnjar, Bailen, and La Aldea ; those in the neighbourhood of Granada are also excellent ; howbeit, the Sevillanas bear the palm. The best soil for the olive is that where limestone prevails, and the best species is the cornicabra. It may be said to have seldom been imitative, or the result of adaptation and comparison. On the left entering is a tomb, with standing effigy of Bishop Villahoz, ob.

A public domain book is one that was never subject to copyright or whose legal copyright term has expired. Minor Picture-Galleries Private Galleries Libraries Churches Public Buildings Streets, etc. Corn scarcely ripens, and the vine produces an inferior wine, the acidity of which, caused by a relative want of sun and certain minerals in the soil, unfits it generally for exportation. Spain is not, like France or England, possessed of only one great literary centre. The trascoro pillars rise upon jasper greesand pedestals ; there are two statues of SS.

Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country to country. Theatres, bull-rings, etc Directory Environs Malaga Murcia Navarre . There are marked exceptions, of course, and some good wine is produced and exported in Cataluna, Aragon, and Navarre. She has two, if not three, — Madrid, Barcelona, and Seville. Peter and Paul, of white marble, brought from Italy.

The Devonian rocks extend over most of the south portion of the Cantabric range, in the province of Leon. ' Manual de Botanica descriptiva,' by Cutanda y Amo. 189 ; and Moritz Willkomm's ' Die Strand,' etc., on the steppes or baldios of Spain ; with a botanical map. These, we repeat, are the causes which have paralysed the development of the natural resources. The guttural j, the jota, is difficult to an Englishman, but easy to a Scotch or Irishman ; the written or printed h is not pronounced. The historical school is still mainly occupied with the collection and study of authentic materials — a thing which has been possible only lately, since the throwing open of the archives of Simancas, of the Indies, and other great collections of docu- ments. Right of primogeniture also exists, which is applied to the first-born, whether a male (etcheco-premua), or a female (etcheco-prima). The Souletine Pastorals partake of the character of the mediaeval Mysteries, and are still performed. Between the pillars of the central nave are six rejas, which are fixed on jasper pedestals and grees. On the outside of the above-mentioned pillars of the central nave are ftatnes oi saints, etc., the size of life. 75 The Choir is very fine, and is com- posed of 103 walnut stalls divided into two tiers.

There are also schists near Sabero and the fossil Gardium palmatum. Rossmassler's ' Reise-Erinnerungen aus Spanien.' Leipzig, 1854, 2 vols. Schimper's ' Voyage Geologico-Botanique dans le Sud de l'Espagne,' in the review ' L'lnstitut,' p. The causes of this were constant war, which thinned the population to such an extent that it once did not reach eight millions (though Spain is almost twice as large as England, and only one-tenth smaller than France) ; religious intolerance, which drove away the industrious Moor and wealthy Jews, the marrow of the nation ; hatred to foreigners, ot which four hundred and fifty thousand were expelled under Philip IL, at the suggestion of the Council of Castile, who declared ' que es conveni- ente excusar el trato y comercio con ellos, porque solo sirven hacer destruir el reino/ adding the charitable hope that the king may oblige them, ' que se vayan a bus tierras ;' misgovei'nment, and the heavy taxes, tithes, and vexations of which the farming class was the object ; the institution of La Mesta and other privileged societies of ganaderos (breeders), creating a monopoly detrimental to husbandry ; the absorption of property by the few, which chiefly arose from the distribution of the land conquered from the Infidel among the principal military chiefs ; the absenteeism of those courtiers who remembered that they had estates only to exact soldiers or to raise money from ; the discovery of America and a thirst for gold, which made the farmer leave his hard-earned crop for the Eldorados of the New World ; and, finally, insecurity and centralisation. The grammar and the pronunciation of Spanish are comparatively easy. Kx Hor fat plural add x when the word ends with a vowel, and es when with a consonant COMMON EXPRESSIONS AND QUESTIONS. The modern drama is by no means so far behind the ancient as is commonly supposed. The best pieces of Echegaray, and of Tamayo y Baus, of the Catalan dramatists, are well worth study. But however republican and democratic the Basques pretend to be, they retain certain aristocratic privileges and prin- ciples ; thus, though all born gentle- men, the master of a house is alone eteheco-yauna, the equivalent for hi- dalgo. railway There are small caleches to be found in every large village, and the wiry, sure- footed hack of the country will be often preferred to the close stuffy diligence and too rapid railway ; the inns are everywhere tidy, clean, and the charges most reasonable ; the climate is rainy and damp — summer and autumn are the best seasons for travelling. — The Basque literature is of little importance, and none is earlier than the 16th century. Or (B) drive, I thus — Leagues San Sebastian to Andoatn . These spirited ivory-like compositions date 1540, and are the work of Juan de Borgona.

Above this there are some thin banks of the same alternately found with the first coal strata. Pass d'oo, between valleys of Larbouste and de Lassera (Venasque), 9843 ft. Free-trade is discussed, though not as yet adopted. The best Anglo- Spanish grammars are : A Spanish Grammar, by H. The two great Spanish grammars are the Academia and Salvo, both excellent The following glossary may be of use. Perez Gald6s imitates Erckmann-Chatrian in his 'Episodios Nacionales/ Jose" Selgas, whose novels are less known than they ought to be, deserves honourable mention. OS Literature, etc., are found in Chalu S's ' Biarritz, entre les Pyrenees et L'Ocean,' 2 vols. On the backs of this upper tier are scenes from the New Testament On those of thelower tier are scenes already described, and statuettes of saints, the third being St. The stalls are of different periods and artists ; the lower is the best and most classical.

The base is formed by thick limestone, very like Devonian rocks, and not unlike the scar limestone in the north of England. Agricultural exhibi- tions take place periodically in the principal cities of Spain, while several farmers' clubs, asociacwnes, arise here and there, publish reviews, and make experiments. Still, for ordinary purposes, Spanish is easy of acquirement, and without some knowledge of it the greater part of the enjoyment of a tour will be lost. In beauty of style Juan Valera approaches the Mystics, whom he professedly imitates ; but he does not write for women only. Several proverbs, and information respecting Basque ^ I BILBAO. Ob- serve all the phases of the Creation, the legend of the deluge, the poem of Abraham, and the story of Jacob.

Public domain books belong to the public and we are merely their custodians. ; and to a young monarch full of excellent promise, trained for his part with the most scrupulous and loving care, and withal placed in the most difficult possible situation, the whole civilised world may well wish God-speed. Basque Provinces Bilbao Burgos Caceres Cadiz Cartagena Castiles (N Catalufia Cordova Coruiia (La) Esoorial . It is sown in May and June, in lines at intervals, ploughed in or buried with the foot Weeding takes place once (July), and the reaping in August or September. At Barcelona, too, is issued a series of rarer historical and theological works — 'La Verdadera Ciencia Espanola* at 5 and 6 reals per volume. 1240, of whose family little is known else than that he was an Englishman by birth, and that he was elected Bishop of Bur- gos in 121 4. — A church in itself ; tawdry, though much admired by the natives, whom glitter and gaudiness delight, of churrigurcsque style, founded by Arch- bishop Samaniego in 1734. naranja, or dome, is well executed, the colours are fresh as the first day. Bosarte and other connoisseurs mention with encomium the small Go- thic altar and retablo, with tomb of Archdeacon Fuente Pelayo, ob.Copyright infringement liability can be quite severe. A fanega (1 J bushel) of olives gives 15 to 18 fbs. An aranzada produces 12 arrobas, which make 325 lbs. The value of 12 arrobas produced by an aranzada is 550r.,the cost to produce them 35 Or. (£12 : 10s.) ; each olive-tree gives half-a-fanega of olives per year, and the aranzada 20 to 25 ; but trees are known to yield as much as 8 and more. Foreign styles, no doubt, were implanted with new races in the rich soil of Spain ; they grew luxuriously, but never lost the standard original type ; and when it did at any period adopt new accessories, not general forms, the phase was native — that is, belonged to races predominating exclusively and for centuries in Spain. 1 275 ; as bodies used at that time to be interred standing and embedded in walls, these tombs were hence called 'armarios.' There are some portraits here of Pope Gregory XI., Canon of Burgos (1371), and Alexander VI., archdeacon of the same cathedral, 1492, etc — Caesar Borgia, and father of Lucrezia Borgia.About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. They are planted in rows ; a branch is cut in January, the end opened by four slits ; it is then planted, banked, and watered for two or three years, and pruned into four or five branches. Although placed so near Italy and France, yet Spain stood for centuries a stranger to both. Close to it is a fine and richly-sculptured tomb of the learned Archdeacon Fernandez Vil- legas (1536), who translated Dante into Spanish. — A conni- table, condestable (from which constable), as the Latin etymology explains it somewhat (cornea stabuli, Ducange, etc.), was ' an officer, so called, because, like the Lord High Constable of Eng- land, he was to regulate all matters of chivalry — tilts, tournaments, and feats of arms—which were performed on horseback.' (Blackstone's Com.Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often diflicult to discover. Maize is cultivated chiefly in the Basque Province, Asturias, and Galicia, where it constitutes the principal food of the people. First and cheapest of these modern issues are the tiny but fairly printed volumes of the 'Biblioteca Universal/ at 2 reals, or 5d. In these are to be found a really good selection of the best Spanish authors of all time. The relievo repre- sents St Paul in the desert, fed miracu- lously with loaves brought by philan- thropic crows.Marks, notations and other marginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. OSHEA'S GUIDE TO SPAIN AND PORTUGAL EDITED BY JOHN LOMAS osition of Sr TWELFTH EDITION LONDON ADAM AND CHAKLES BLACK 1902 ■S^ponn \'^1^ • /*HUi A*44S 4S I^rur U^UL. The twelfth edition of O'Shea's Guide to Spain and Portugal; corrected to date, marks a year of more than usual interest in the history of Spain. A hectare (2£ acres) produces on an average 50 to 58 hecto L (137 bushels), weighing 60 to 70 kil. Other excellent collection's are those published by D. of Barcelona, the 'Biblioteca Clasica Espanola* at 6 reals (2 francs) a volume, and the series 'Arte y Letras/ of more recent authors, at 12 reals, or 3 francs the volume. The sculptor was a Carthusian monk called Leiva, ob. All the relievos, columns, statues of saints, and altar-pieces, were the work of Bishop Manso of Zuniga, who gave 16,000 ducats towards it, and the sculp- tor was one Fray Juan de Rizi, a Bene- dictine monk. The tone is distinctly superior to that of most Spanish organs.

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