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The Prophet Muhammad appeared in the seventh century A. These Muslim believers rapidly founded a new and dynamic civilization that for centuries was the only bright light in an otherwise culturally and intellectually stagnant world.Indeed, while Europe was experiencing its "Dark Ages," the Arab/Islamic civilization was at its apogee.The primary objective of the Arab League, as it is commonly called, is to facilitate maximum integration among the Arab countries through coordination of their activities in the political sphere as well as in the fields of economics, social services, education, communications, development, technology and industrialization.The headquarters of the Arab League are in Cairo, Egypt, which also hosts some of the League's specialized agencies.It was in the Arab land that man first organized into a settled form of society, cultivating grain and raising livestock, establishing cities and promoting diverse skills and occupations.In such a setting, rich and complex cultures were nourished: ancient Egypt, Sumer, Assyria, Babylonia and Phoenicia were great civilizations, legends even in their own day, whose traces continue to be uncovered in archeological sites throughout the region.It was this same Islamic civilization, with its many contributions to science and the humanities, that paved the way for the rise of the West to its present prominence.The Arab homeland today is a rich composite of many diverse influences.

And don’t you know that Jews use the “JEW WORD” all the time? Gerald Celente surely has many Jews that subscribe to his Roberts as a ‘white supremacist.’ Yet he can’t bring himself to say “ JEW.” I grew up as a Jew and have no fear of these liars and censors.The Arab people, spread over a vast area, enjoy common bonds of history and tradition.Members of twenty-one different countries, the Arabs consider themselves to be one nation.The most important food crops are wheat, barley, rice, maize, dates and millet.These are largely consumed within the region, while cotton, sugarcane, sugar beets and sesame are exported as cash crops.

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Contrary to popular belief, relatively few Arab countries possess petroleum and natural gas resources.

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